The financing of water – why bother?

Nothing is possible without fresh water and as access to this resource becomes ever more restricted and contested, water comes at a price.
Who pays for our access to water? How is it financed? Who is benefitting and how much? Is the commoditisation of this the most necessary of goods ethical? Is it sustainable, and how do the financiers address this issue? How dependent are we on water financing? And where is there money to be made?
These are all questions we would hope to address.
We came to this subject from the realisation that water will be the oil of this century, and while the oil companies and their motives, dealings, failings and profits are widely known and reported, few people know about the water in their tab. Even fewer know of the virtual water content in their food.
From the microfinancing of water in India to the project financing of desalination plants, we will investigate the money in the Globe’s water over the next half year. We hope that this will be of interest not only to activists and environmentalists but maybe even more so to all of those recognising that if nothing is possible without water, even less gets done without the promise of gains. More often than not, this driving force is likely to be money.
Coming to a new subject with only a few preconceived notions and heaps of curiosity is like embarking on a road trip with money but no map. It should be entertaining and it will hopefully take us somewhere interesting. We look forward to having you joining us for the ride.



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